GeekyHomeschool.com chronicles the misadventures of a me – a geeky homeschooling mom – and my precocious geek-in-training daughter.


I’m a 31-year-old wife, mother, and now home school teacher. I’m a geek to the core, spending my “free time” playing fantasy MMOs and my old favorite DragonRealms (a text-based MUD).  I love all things Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek, Star WarsPrincess Bride, etc. If I had to list all my favorites this page would get overly long!

In addition to taking this more active – putting it mildly – role in shaping my daughter’s education, I am in the process of losing weight and getting into shape. I blog daily (in theory!) on my progress, feelings, and everything to help with accountability. So far, it has been extremely helpful in that part of my life, and I’m hoping this homeschooling dedicated site will be as cathartic.

When we first considered homeschooling, I was almost overwhelmed due to the sheer number of religious-themed curricula and support groups. Then I found SecularHomeschool.com and realized I’m not alone, there ARE other geeks and freethinkers out there who home school. Now, I’m not knocking the folks who choose to merge their religion into their child’s education. That’s great for them!  I just choose to walk a different path in my life and how I raise my daughter.  I will provide her with the most objective knowledge about religion I can, mostly from a historical prospective, and let her make her own decisions about her faith.


Hannah is 7 and loves all things Minecraft. She’s always researching new gadgets to build and is very interested in the technical side of the game, including mod(ification) making.

Her favorite superhero is Iron Man, favorite color is red, and her favorite animals are big cats (cheetahs, lions (lionesses!), and tigers) and hedgehogs. Her two favorite subjects in school are art and science.

She loves swimming, and recently (October 31st, 2013) joined the youth swim team at our local YMCA.

Thank you for visiting our website, and feel free to comment on anything you like. I’m always glad to hear from other geeky moms and dads who home school!