Switching from Pieced-Together Curriculum to Boxed Curriculum

As this school year starts to wind down, I have been looking back on the past few months to try to see how to better organize our day and goals in order to feel like I don’t need to rush through the rest of the curriculum in order to “finish” teaching what we need to get through this year.

In my mind, we are a little behind due to our taking a large break during the winter and through a more slack approach during the spring.  Some things have fallen by the wayside, like our Handwriting Without Tears work and Geography, and we took longer than I had thought on reinforcing addition and subtraction of two and three digit numbers.  I’m not stressing about it, or truly worried.  I’d just like to find a less patchwork approach because I feel like it would work better for both of us.

Since this was our first year homeschooling, I was tempted to go with a boxed curriculum when we started to take some of the guesswork out of lesson planning and scheduling. At the time, it wasn’t financially feasible to go with my first choice of Calvert for 2nd grade.  I did some research and pieced together a curriculum from a variety of sources, which has worked alright for us.  However, lesson planning is NOT my forte, I’ve come to realize!

For next year, our finances are shaping up to be more in line with being able to enroll in Calvert’s 3rd grade program.  While I’m also researching some of the other complete boxed curricula programs such as Oak Meadow and Moving Beyond the Page, I like the approach of Calvert and the choice of either their math program or one aligned with Singapore Math, which we used this year. Hannah loves it, especially the mental math exercises which we’ve come to call Jedi Math!  With a deeper look at the course surveys of each of the math programs, though, it looks like we will probably be going with the Calvert Math program. It looks like it covers a good deal more than the Math In Focus, and I really want to keep her mind challenged. She thrives on challenge. If it’s too easy, I lose her attention extremely fast.

We still have a few months to finish up the year, and we’ll be finalizing the curriculum over the summer.  We’ll also be rearranging our house a bit: moving the TV area into our current den/computer area and making the existing TV/living room into our classroom.  It will be nice to have a table/desks instead of chilling out on the sofa with lap desks.  I can’t wait for the changes AND the additional storage I have planned.  It will be a fun summer at IKEA!  I will definitely be posting when the time comes with our final product on our new classroom.  It might not be as swanky as some of the ones I’ve seen on Pintrest and other homeschooling blogs, but it will be geektastic!  I even found an Asgardian Library Association poster I want to put up!

Time to buckle down and get through what we have left for this year.  Summer will be here before we know it, as will 3rd grade!  I am definitely excited.

Author: Kazia

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