Getting Back on Track in 2014

The end of last year was a bit of a bust for us in our first year of homeschool.  We just couldn’t seem to get back on track after Thanksgiving due to illness, doctor visits, and travel; so we wrote it off as a long winter break, and started up again last week on Monday.

So far, things are working out and we’re getting back into our routine that worked well before Thanksgiving.  It’s a little more free-form this time, without so much an A/B day schedule, though we do alternate.  It’s just not as strict as before.  We might do math and some writing on an “A” day and other language arts and history on a “B” day but the next “A” day might be math and science or geography.  We just do whatever works for that day as long as we get our weekly goals done.  It makes things easier and feels more like homeschool than before when I was trying to stick to a strict daily schedule.

Our days are a kept lively with breaks to play with Dante, our new German Shepherd puppy that we got last November.  He has a great deal of energy, so for our morning snack break we either play fetch with him and cuddle around the house or go for a walk through the neighborhood.  I have to take breaks other times while Hannah continues working just to keep Dante from otherwise being unruly during the day.

This week marked the reinstitution of our gym visits in addition to Hannah’s swim team practice.  Each weekday we leave the house around 3:15pm, get to the gym and start working out (walking on treadmills) at 3:30pm.  We walk for an hour and then head to get ready for swim practice. They closed the other pool for the winter, so until spring the team practices at the public facility pool. I love this change because it’s right there close to the locker rooms for colder nights.  Her practices are also an hour-long instead of the 30 minutes like before.  This is another great change because it’s really helping Hannah work on her stamina. Last night one of her coaches told me that she’s improving so much that she will move up from Copper level to Silver soon. I’m so very proud of her!

I’m feeling good so far about the rest of the year. We have a bit of catching up to do, but nothing we can’t manage.

For those of you reading this blog, how is school going in the new year? Did you have any trouble getting back into the swing of things?

Author: Kazia

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