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For our very first field trip, the three of us decided to trek out to the Texas Renaissance Festival yesterday – November 6th – for their School Days activities. This is one of two days every year that TRF opens the gates and provides G-rated fun for school kids, including homeschoolers!  Hannah was extremely excited and treated it almost like Christmas morning, went to bed early the night before and everything!

Sadly, my phone battery kaput on me about 10 minutes inside the gate, so I don’t have any pictures to share.  It was a wonderful, muddy mess at the faire on Hannah’s first day there.

We made our way first to the Falconer’s Heath stage for the School of the Sword show. Hannah chose not to go up on the stage, but we enjoyed the kid-friendly sword techniques and watching the other kids ranging from a little 3-4 yr-old girl to what looked like a 13 yr-old-boy.  We cheered loudly for all the girls who braved the stage to show the boys how girls can handle a blade, albeit made of wood!

After the show, we headed around in the general direction of the jousting arena, looking at shops and demonstrations along the way. We got to the arena in time for the joust, and Hannah was mesmerized. She cheered and booed along with the crowd for our knight! The on to the Neptune’s Swing ride where I watched her and her daddy swing and scream – guess which one screamed… – for a bit before we wandered off to find foodstuffs.

Many turkey legs and laughs were had by all throughout the day.  Hannah insisted on a weapon of her choice from the shops, inspired mostly by the earlier School of the Sword show.  She ran the gambit from wanting a sword, short bow + quiver, and finally settled on a staff.  The first words out of her mouth when we put it in her hands were “You… shall not… PASS!” followed by a healthy smack of the ground with the staff.  Best. Daughter. Ever.

We made our way in a meandering path back through the shops and towards the gates.  Hannah picked up a floral wreath and pink metal beribboned circlet – the girl likes pink.  Geeky mommy and daddy got some beeswax lotion bars for ourselves, Dragon’s Breath for him and Macintosh Spice (mmmm!) for me. Eventually we made it back out and arrived home a thoroughly muddy and happy trio.  Today’s assignment was to have fun and remember the sights, sounds, and smells she encountered throughout the day so she could finish up some detail words pages in her writing workbook. She also wrote in her writing journal about the day, mostly extolling the virtues of her new staff.

Due to her abundance of energy, swim practice was a breeze last night, though she wanted to wear her circlet to the pool!

At the end of the day, I was one sore, exhausted but happy geeky mom loving having watched my girl experience her first TRF. Many more to faires to come in the future, and we will definitely be headed back for next year’s School Days!

Author: Kazia

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